• Creative issues gnawing at you?  <br />  Let GatorMedia show you how one company beats an army.
  • Ever feel your production biting back? GatorMedia tames your project and drives it home on time, on budget, in a composed setting!
  • Does your project feel like it might blow up?  <br /> GatorMedia brings your production home safely.



Welcome to Florida-based GatorMedia where we specialize in producing creative output in multiple genres.   Count on a positive experience whether your project is motion picture, still photography, concert, festival, corporate, or special event.   If your needs are cross-platform such as a festival with video, or a corporate event with a concert, GatorMedia producers manage all facets of your adventure.  As well, we work well with other production companies should you need production support.

We travel too.  With a cadre of resources available throughout the United States and Caribbean, whether your project is in Savannah, Santa Monica or the Islands in the Caribbean, GatorMedia will accommodate your needs. 

Our work comes in on time, on budget, and we craft a behind-the-scenes ambiance that creates a very comfortable work environment.  Avoid getting caught in the jaws of your production and let us tame your undertaking.  We look forward to working with you!